Week 8 – Preparing to soon leave for our ‘forever homes’!

Another busy week as four puppies went to the New Glasgow Veterinary Clinic for our Core Vaccine shots. We are preparing to soon leave for our ‘forever homes’.

Not many good weather days for puppies, but on the days that were good, puppies spent approximately 2 ½ hours outside playing and came home ready to sleep for extended sleeps.

Week 8 brought visitors from the Congregation of St. Martha’s. Both Sisters spent a lengthy period of time watching and feeding treats to the puppies as the puppies played in their pen, turning up leaves and digging holes.

This week wasn’t without some puppy mischief as the puppies managed to pull the table cloth over far enough to allow the bags of ‘Goodies’ to fall to the floor. The puppies then proceeded to empty one of the bags, and went quickly from digesting the ‘Goodies’ to deleting them over the next few hours, leaving them and their caretakers exhausted.

Riverwest Entlebuchers: Litter B, Week Eight

After ‘Goodie’ Binging

All in all, it was another exciting week at Riverwest.