Week 7: Road Trip!

Week 7 was a busy week for Riverwest puppies.  They took their first road trip, a return trip of 80 miles for their first visit to the New Glasgow Veterinary Clinic.  Three crates and six puppies were welcomed at the Clinic for their first health checks, weight check and micro-chipping, not to mention the warm welcoming they received from the staff.  Their weights ranged from 7.8 lbs – 10.3 lbs with the weights in between, at 8.7 lbs., 8.77 lbs, 8.95 lbs., and 9.7 lbs.  All very respectable weights for 7-week old Entles. They live for sleep, play, and mealtime.


This week also meant a trip outdoors to experience their first snow and also their first attempted escape from the whelping box, which necessitated their being in lockdown mode for the short periods during the day and at night they are in their whelping bed.