Santé and Jumanji

Santé and Jumanji were first introduced in Utah at Entlefest, 2011.  He was the older perfect gentleman and she was the precocious, bouncy, look-at-me smitten female. They went for walks together and got along beautifully.  I next saw Jumanji in Wisconsin at Entlefest 2012, and he impressed me with his maturity, is overall stature and temperament. 

In February, 2013, Sante’ and I flew to California from Nova Scotia.  We were picked up at the Sacramento Airport by Tina and Jumanji and drove to Grass Valley where Santé, Jumanji and I stayed with absolutely wonderful hosts, Rebecca and Jay.  Along with several other Entles, we took several hikes together and the relationship between Jumanji and Santé blossomed, even though there was snow on the ground.  After a few days, we moved over to Davis Golf Course where we stayed with more great people for the next three days.  It was on the Davis Golf Course property in Davis, Northern California where the relationship between Jumanji and Santé was consummated and the proof can be seen in their beautiful puppies, expected April 22, 2013.