About Entlebuchers

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  • Smallest of the four Swiss Mountain Dog breed
  • Strong, muscular body, agile, balanced dog with ample bone
  • Length of body is slightly longer than height
  • Angled legs
  • Free flow of movement, very nimble
Size and Weight:
  • Medium size strongly muscled, agile, compact, well balanced, with ample bone, but never overdone.
  • Height at withers is: Dogs17 – 21 inches; Bitches 16  – 20 inches
  • Ratio of height at withers to length of body:  8:10; and, 10:8 ratio of length of body to height at withers.  Length is measured from point of shoulder to point of rump; height is measured from ground to withers.
  • Note:  Too small a dog generally lacks the power required and too large a dog may lack the agility desired in a herding/working dog.
Coat and Color:
  • Short, hard, tricolored coat
  • Double coated with short, firm, shinny outer coat and a dense undercoat
  • Black coat with yellow to rust-brown markings on legs and head and white markings on paws, chest, and head
  • Eyes must be brown, slightly small, almond shaped, with well-fitted, black pigmented rims
  • Ears are not too big, set on high and wide.  Firm well developed ear cartilage. Flaps pendulous, triangular, and rounded at tips.  Ears are slightly raised at set-on when alert, turned forward; and lay flat and close to head forming a nearly level plane with top skull when in repose.
  • Independent
  • Loyal and protective of family
  • Intelligent
  • Optimistic
  • Likes people and other animals
  • Likes to be close to its people, but may be reserved with strangers
  • Active, playful, energetic, lively, persistent, self-assured, and determined
Other Notes:
  • A physical breed, requires above average need for exercise
  • Requires basic grooming that includes brushing of coat, teeth and ear cleanings, and nails clipped/filed
  • Originated from Entlebuch, Switzerland
  • Historically the Entlebucher was used to herd cattle, but known to do his herding only in the range of sight and hearing of his owner and at most likes to herd animals to his home
  • Useful in the management of other large animals such as horses and hogs
  • Known for its speed and agility